TRANSITIONS: The Necessary Challenges

Embarking on my sixth decade of life, I have come to understand that “for everything there is a season …” and that TRANSITION is part of every change. Usually, it is a challenge, even when the change is positive. The ease of TRANSITION comes with understanding, saying good bye to the past and feeling that there is a positive future ahead. As people pass from one stage to another in life, they do so wisely when they process, plan and stay on course.

I have created Renaissance Transitions to provide a resource for people of all ages, and especially at mid life, to find solutions, comfort, hope and support. With communication, empathic understanding, creativity and insight, adversity can be turned into opportunity. Helping people find their way, look at their situations with a new perspective and moving from stuck, fear and anxiety to excitement, hope, action and peace. In the comfort and privacy of my office or yours, I look forward to being of assistance in your life challenge. My 35 years of experience in business, entrepreneurship, human relations, psychotherapy, writing and publishing, can be an opportunity for you to get an educated and unbiased viewpoint and a variety of creative, solution focused ideas and insights to help you reach resolution.

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Judy Kaplan, MS

Always CONFIDENTIAL – contact me at or 847-833-9585 or fill out the form below:

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