Revolutionary DIVORCE RECOVERY PROGRAM Now Available

With more than one out of two marriages ending in divorce, recovery from the traumatic effects of divorce is becoming more and more essential to moving on in life after divorce for both men and women.

I have developed a dynamic new approach to healing after the trauma of divorce. From my work over the years as a therapist and my own painful divorce, I have recognized that many people were stuck in the aftermath of their divorce. Some people stay connected to their anger at their spouse and their situation, while others become overwhelmed with sadness and the responsibilities of facing life on their own.

Although anger and sadness are normal outcomes of the tragedy of divorce, there is a healthy path to resolving these issues and finding value, joy and hopefulness in life after divorce. Being amongst other men and women dealing with the same or similar issues is often a very effective catalyst toward growth, acceptance and moving ahead in life. Though the key is not just commiserating with other hurting people, but to work through issues through guided, facilitated therapeutic conversations, exercises and unique learning techniques while providing a safe, secure and constructive feedback process.

I am really excited about this new program to help divorced people recover, as I have worked with and  helped hundreds of couples and individuals since my graduation from Northwestern University with a Master’s Degree in Individual and Marital Therapy in 1996. However,  although individuals can grow by participating in individual therapy or counseling, the biggest growth spurts that have occurred in my practice have come through group process. Not only is it more affordable, it is more effective when it comes to the actual “moving on” from the loss of the marriage.

Developing new connections with other participants, understanding that they are not alone in their journey, getting valuable feedback on dealing with specific issues, being able to assist others with their own suggestions and reaching outward instead of staying focused inwardly are the foundational elements of the Divorce Recovery Program.

My company, Renaissance Transitions, is now offering the Divorce Recovery Program, combining the therapeutic components of personal growth of traditional psychotherapy along with the extensive experiential components to real life situations. The outcome has been a remarkable hybrid of helping tools for both men and women trying to get past their own tragic divorce situations. The unique Divorce Recovery Program will encompass a six-week time frame with groups of 8-12 people for maximum benefit. Men and women are welcome to participate. Initially, they will take place in my office location at 108 S Wynstone Park Drive, North Barrington, Illinois, beginning in March 2014.

Locations in Northbrook, Evanston and Chicago are being secured for groups scheduled to form in Mid-Spring 2014. Participants can sign up for daytime or Saturday sessions. Evening sessions will be scheduled per client group need. Modestly priced to fit most budgets, Renaissance Transitions accepts both PayPal and Credit Card payments. To learn more or sign up, contact Judy Kaplan at Eventually, with advanced technology, this program will be offered via Skype to encompass people living in different parts of the country.

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