About Judy Kaplan, MS

Judy Kaplan, MS is a Personal Psychotherapist, Business Strategist and Consultant serving the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. For over 35 years, Judy has been involved in the business world as an entrepreneur. Building on her skills from business she earned her Master’s Degree from Northwestern University in psychotherapy when she was 46 years old and mother of 2 teenagers, graduating in 1996 with honors. Today she is working to mentor, assist, guide people of all ages who struggle with challenges ranging from relationship issues to business upsets, and dealing with transitions from divorce, job loss, retirement and other life altering events. Dedicated to providing inspiration, motivation, unique brainstorming techniques and solution focused therapy, her efforts have improved the lives of hundreds of people over the years.

To learn more about how Judy can assist you in your life struggles and plans and for the future, contact her at 847-833-9585 or via email at judy@renaissance-transitions.com.

judy 1   Judy Kaplan, MS

My specialty is providing support, encouragement and solution focused ideas to assist you during your most challenging moments.


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