Services Available

  • Psychotherapy for individuals and couples with a solution focused approach

With care, consideration, experience, insight and supportive, success oriented techniques, Judy is dedicated to assisting each individual and/or couple with the challenges that face them. She works extensively with mid-life issues, divorce related problems, relationship dilemmas, marital problems, affair issues and financial reversals affecting daily life and retirement. With 35 years of experience and a compassionate approach,  Judy’s efforts have helped hundreds of people move past their problems to reach resolution.

  • Business Strategy  for startups, for trouble shooting, for ailing businesses and to add new energy to gain momentum

With extensive business experience over the last 35 years, along with expanded training at the Family Institute at Northwestern University, Judy has been able to synthesize the business and personal skill sets needed to analyze, conceptualize, communicate and integrate plans to move businesses and people to a new level. Her unique “brainstorming” approach has assisted dozens of people to start, build and grow their businesses, moved people from STUCK to ON FIRE and alternatively, helped people through the difficult decisions of walking away, closing or ending a business or business relationship.

  • Consultation for individuals, couples, business partners and for professionals to resolve issues, dilemmas and other challenges

Recognizing that some people are not candidates for psychotherapy, nor are they looking for business strategic insight, Judy offers a consultancy to allow those people who just want another perspective to come in and discuss, mediate, mitigate or otherwise witness their problem. In those instances, one or more people can air their differences and get counsel from an unbiased and experienced source and reach new conclusions.

Prices for services listed are available upon request.

For CONFIDENTIAL Response Contact:

Judy Kaplan, MS at 847-833-9585 or via email or complete the form below:



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